Using RSS Feed Readers to Curate Better Content

feeddemon_logoToday’s technology tip focuses on improving the efficiency with which you use the tool to provide greater value on your social media walls. One of the best ways I’ve found to consistently have good and interesting articles to share on, has been to rely on the use of RSS Feed Readers.

Now I actually use RSS Feed Readers for a number of purposes, including keeping up with topics I don’t post on social media. For example, I have a folder containing all of my favourite New Thought friends, and their blogs; one for monitoring some of the political and legislative watchdog oganisations; one to keep a pulse on the latest medical journals I subscribe to; and so on.

RSS Feed Readers basically go out each day to “harvest” or what we call “aggregate” all of the content from your favourite sources, and present them to you in a single interface. No more having to search for great content to share. Check out the tutorial below.

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