Forget Time Management

How many times has someone said to you, “Have you got a minute?”

In today’s mindshift, inspired by the great Bob Proctor, we take a look at the idea of how we use our time. And we’re going to finally dispense with the pointless pursuit of time management. Forget time management… it’s not essential to your success!

The past is already gone, and none of us can be certain of how much time remains in our future. But here’s what I know…

Those who learn that time cannot be managed… who learn that no one has ever managed time, because time is unmanageable… often discover, as Bob Proctor learned from his mentor, Earl Nightingale, and I would learn many, many years later from the great Mr. Jim Rohn, that life doesn’t require that we master time… only that we master our activities.

That’s why we focus on a daily method of operation, not time management skills. It’s why I teach my students that their day cannot begin, until it’s been completed on paper.

Look at the calendars of 100 successful entrepreneurs, and you’ll likely find that for sixty to eighty of us, our calendars are filled with lists… not appointments. That’s one reason I prefer to use a non-traditional calendar, like the incredible Inner Guide Planner (available on Amazon). This planner challenges you to think in terms of activities, ideas and shifts in your mindset that can powerfully move you toward success. In it, you’ll learn to:

  • RISE UP to become the best version of yourself and live an extraordinary life with InnerGuide! Our holistic approach to planning helps you tap into your inner guidance to make sure your decisions align with your values and what’s essential to your well-being.
  • LIVE WITH A GREATER SENSE OF PURPOSE, gratitude and fulfillment every day – no matter where you are in your life. Start now! The seeds you plant and cultivate today become your life.
  • THEIR INTERACTIVE STRUCTURE helps you gain greater self-awareness leading to personal, professional and spiritual development. Live more mindfully while you increase your productivity and achieve goals that support the bigger vision you have for your life.

Here’s what Bob Proctor has to share on the idea of letting go of time management…

And so, as you start a new week, why not make a decision to try something new this week? Here’s one great place to start…


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