Every month, we receive testimonials like the ones you will see below, which are just humbling and remarkably precious to us, because they are evidence that our work is making a difference in people’s lives. 

Dr. Debra Cannon holds and MBA from Georgetown University, and a doctorate in nursing. She is a gifted nurse practitioner working in advanced wound care, in Virginia, and is also a successful entrepreneur in the field of wellness, skincare and nutrition.  She writes:

Let me introduce my friend, Dr. F. Gianmichael Salvato. We have been an integral part of each other’s lives for over 20 years. I have watched this man pursue excellence in every avenue he has pursued.

When we met, he had created a forerunner to today’s social media, years before there was a Facebook, or mySpace, called My Free Office. He assisted and taught me how to navigate the fledging business world of the Internet.

He has personally developed multiple web sites of my business, as well as my husbands. During this time I have watched him successfully assist thousands of beginner and experienced entrepreneurs grow their business to new and unprecedented levels.

More importantly he has shown deep compassion and love while ministering as a naturopathic physician to individuals with incurable disorders as well as those with chronic diseases.

So why not take advantage of the possibilities that lay ahead of you, with a Grand Master to teach you and assist you down your chosen path?

When I began my career 42 years ago in the health profession, I choose the best school I could afford, knowing it would give me the foundation I needed to be successful. Why not invest in yourself, your future with a mentor that has a proven track record?  It will make the difference between achieving your dreams and never taking the first step.

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